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Which solar system is best for home ?AIINO solar system,aiino solar panel

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Aiino solar system 
The gradual scale and popularization of global household energy storage is a healthy and rational development trend for the global energy demand in the future. AIINO actively participates in the green development of energy technology. Combining its own technology platform advantages and independent innovation capabilities, AIINO provides a complete set of power solutions for home energy storage systems, simplifies the circuit scheme of home energy storage systems, and reduces the construction and maintenance costs of home systems. Comprehensively improve the stability, security and reliability of the system.

AIINO power battery launches leading smart photovoltaic solutions for home users.

On the power generation side, new ICT technologies such as AI and cloud will be further deeply integrated with photovoltaics to create a home smart photovoltaic system featuring "efficient power generation, intelligent operation and maintenance, safety and reliability, and grid friendliness", helping photovoltaics to become the main energy source. On the electricity consumption side, based on the concept of "active safety and better cost per kWh", AIINO has launched an overall solution for enterprise and home users to improve the rate of self-consumption and self-use, and takes the lead in realizing 24-hour enjoyment of clean electricity in home scenarios, leading users to enter A new era of electricity.
AIINO smart photovoltaic has always made green energy benefit everyone, every family and every enterprise through continuous innovation.

AIINO backup battery Photovoltaic Solution Makes Mains Power a Backup Power

Smart photovoltaic modules have a component-level optimization function, which can increase power generation by up to 30%. Photovoltaic power generation covers all the needs of household electricity during the day, while the surplus power charges the energy storage at the same time, and the energy storage discharges at night to meet the peak power demand at night and in the morning. , AIINO home energy storage finally achieves 100% coverage of household 24-hour clean electricity. While ensuring economic benefits, it conveys the concept of a healthy and environmentally friendly zero-carbon life, and realizes the concept of 'making photovoltaics the main power and the mains power as backup power. The intelligent component configuration optimizer link, which greatly improves the power generation of intelligent components, also plays a crucial role in the entire solution.

AIINO home battery storage  intelligent energy storage system, using lithium iron phosphate batteries, is extremely safe; battery modular design, 5-50kWh, flexible expansion of power; built-in energy optimizer in each battery pack, independent charge and discharge management, can support mixed use of new and old battery packs, Unleash the full potential of every battery.

10KW solar system
AIINO best battery solar panel with battery for home solution enables "active safety"
As the core of household photovoltaics, the main function of the inverter is to convert the irregular direct current of photovoltaic modules into sine wave alternating current, as well as overvoltage, overcurrent protection, insulation resistance protection, leakage current protection, and abnormal grid voltage and frequency protection. and other functions.

AIINO's household intelligent photovoltaic solutions adhere to two concepts: safety and intelligence, and truly realize the reliability and safety of customer investment. That is to say, to achieve zero voltage on the roof, zero hidden danger of arc, and double-layer protection of safe green electricity.

In order to ensure the safety of the roof and realize the commitment of "safety is the most important", the AIINO solution has achieved component-level shutdown, achieving zero voltage on the roof and zero hidden arcs. Does it mean that the cost of installation and use is too high? The first is to ensure safety. Without safety, everything is zero. Under the premise of safety, high electricity users, such as villa electricity users, use this system, because it is equipped with corresponding energy storage, to achieve self-sufficiency of household electricity without pressure, and truly realize free mains electricity. After calculation, using green electricity for 24 hours is equivalent to planting 1,300 trees every year. Even if it is only measured from the perspective of investment income, this project is also very good. After using the AIINO home energy storage system, the electricity cost of the system is cheaper than that of the mains, and there is no need to worry about the third-order high electricity price. The solution not only meets the economic benefits, but also creates the ultimate sense of security.

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